Setting for Python + Django on iPad 5.1.1

By | 2012년 11월 18일

1. Go to Cydia, Let’s install some packages.
– mysql
– python
– lighttpd

2. First of all, we have to set up ‘.vimrc’ file.
# cd /var/mobile/
# vi .vimrc
paste this configure to .vimrc!

You can use tab browser options when you press ‘t’ key in the browser mode and If you use this configure, It would be able to look editor clearly.

3. Install Easy_Install !!
First, you have to visit Easy_Install site for python. and download ‘setuptools-0.6c11-py2.5.egg’
like this.

if your machine have this package, it would be able to install some package for python.
for example,

after execute this command, the ‘pip’ program will search for some package to need automatically and install it.

And, you have to install this package for running django server!

5. Edit lighttpd.conf configure file, for django.
# vim /etc/lighttpd2.conf

6. Go to terminal
# su –
# killall -9 lighttpd
# lighttpd -f /etc/lighttpd2.conf

7. go to your project directory of django. Try to run python django server.
webterror-iPad:~/django/study mobile$ python runfcgi method=threaded socket=/tmp/study.sock pidfile=/tmp/ daemonize=false

8. Connect to ‘http://localhost’. if you see this screen, it is complete to setting up for django.


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