rtorrent 활용 방법

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샘플 .rtorrent.rc


백그라운드로 넘기기

@@ 스크린으로 토렌트 실행
$ screen rtorrent

@@ 스크린에서 나오기
$ screen -d // 스크린에서 분리
$ screen -r // 스크린에서 다시 붙기
Ctrl+a c : 새로운 스크린 생성
Ctrl+a n : 다음 스크린
Ctrl+a p : 이전 스크린

@@ 다음부터는 screen -r, screen -x 로 붙으면 된다.

If you want to close all sessions of screen, just type
Ctrl+A Ctrl+\


스크린 단축키

Key Action Notes
Ctrl+a c new window
Ctrl+a n next window I bind F12 to this
Ctrl+a p previous window I bind F11 to this
Ctrl+a ” select window from list I have window list in the status line
Ctrl+a Ctrl+a previous window viewed

Ctrl+a S split terminal horizontally into regions Ctrl+a c to create new window there
Ctrl+a | split terminal vertically into regions Requires screen >= 4.1
Ctrl+a :resize resize region
Ctrl+a :fit fit screen size to new terminal size Ctrl+a F is the same. Do after resizing xterm
Ctrl+a :remove remove region Ctrl+a X is the same
Ctrl+a tab Move to next region

Ctrl+a d detach screen from terminal Start screen with -r option to reattach
Ctrl+a A set window title
Ctrl+a x lock session Enter user password to unlock
Ctrl+a [ enter scrollback/copy mode Enter to start and end copy region. Ctrl+a ] to leave this mode
Ctrl+a ] paste buffer Supports pasting between windows
Ctrl+a > write paste buffer to file useful for copying between screens
Ctrl+a < read paste buffer from file useful for pasting between screens

Ctrl+a ? show key bindings/command names Note unbound commands only in man page
Ctrl+a : goto screen command prompt up shows last command entered

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